Welcome to my Blog!


I am finally here. Finally, starting my own blog. I have been wanting to, since a long time now. But life came in the way.

Making time, out of this ever-so-busy life, to start writing. I have a plethora of topics I want to write about and these topics span from one end of a long spectrum all the way to the other end.

A little something about me: I am a 20 something, living in a country which I am an immigrant in. I feel that if I give out too much about myself, a pre-judged notion would reside at the back of every reader’s mind and that perspective would cloud any objective thinking. So, when you read what I write, it should be a clean slate, giving enough room for you to develop your thoughts (and your opinions). Hence, for now, lets just pretend like you’re having a conversation, over some really good coffee, with a stranger.

Looking forward to some stirring conversations and some unforgettable coffees!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog!

  1. Hi there! Your blog looks nice. We too find quick judgement from our neighbors but use their close mindedness as motivation to learn from the mistakes of others. We wish you well on your journey and urge you to keep expanding your blog. Cheers mate!


  2. I love nothing better in all the world, than having a coffee (& usually a bit of cake too), with either a very good friend, or yes, even a complete stranger. The idea of your blog entices me to read more, so I can’t wait for your next post. Please feel free to read mine too & comment if you like. Just click on my name to find it. Good luck IK.


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