Quarter Life Crisis

A shout out to all the 20-somethings out there!

I stumbled upon this term “Quarter Life Crisis” when I typed in the search bar “quarter” and I think I was looking for quarterly results for something, and one of the options that the search engine offered was Quarter Life Crisis.

And I couldn’t agree more.

Being in your 20s is a tumultuous time. Your career path is hazy, you’re in a self-doubt mode, you’re gasping for air when drowning in your academic endeavours, you’re broke beyond repair and lets not even go to the love life aspect of things. Everything seems uncertain and nothing seems to go as planned.

The self-doubt mode is shattering. You begin to question each and every decision of your life. Was it the right university? Was it the right major? Should I have gone to a different industry? Should I text her/him? Should I have gotten salad instead of that burger? This is nerve-wracking because its seems that all the decisions you take in your 20s will shape your 30s and 40s and 50s and so on. And this is just too much pressure to deal with. This pressure worsens when people around you or your friends are (or at least seem) relatively sorted. At this point, you just want to sit in a dark closet and wait for things to sort themselves out. You come out and someone hugs you, hands you your dream job, house and car. But, BOOM! Life is not a fairy tale (it breaks my heart as I type that).

Aren’t 20s supposed to be the most happening time of one’s life? A time where we are carefree birds? Doesn’t seem that way to me. I am pretty sure that during my teen years I presumed things would align themselves when I hit the 20s, but they have not. I am in the same boat as many of you out there, getting my graduate degree, frantically searching for jobs and waiting for my dream partner to knock on my door.

I think we are in dire need to change this perspective. I say so because time once gone, never comes back. This is the time to enjoy life and take risks. Take risks in your career, get that drink with those friends, live on the edge. (I know it sounds way more fun to read it than to actually preach it). Lets embrace this uncertainty. Have faith. Face those fears. Develop that strength that makes us stronger for the rest of our lives. Foster good friendships and more importantly build a robust relationship with yourself as people in your 20s will come and go but you will live with yourself forever. Things will pan out. If past is to be used as an example, didn’t things pan out till your life here? It did, didn’t they?. Life always has something great in store, if we believe in it and strive towards it.

So lets make the most of our 20s. I am sure when we reach success (custom to your goals), we would be telling these difficult times stories sitting in a bar, over a drink, with a fresh out of the oven graduate, who would be facing the same issues. Lets not forget to live our 20s.

Do whatever it takes for you to stay afloat. It could be jamming those tunes in your ears, calling that one friend, taking a walk.. whatever that gets things into perspective. What’s meant to be will always find its way. We just have to keep at it and at the same time not forget to enjoy this time, after all you only have your 20s once!

We are the Milllenials. Gotta be strong.

Until next time.


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